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TODO Comments and Technical Debt

When I first started out in software development, I used to write a lot of comments in my code. To stay consistent with the developers who had previously worked on the same code, I even added to the historical comments above each module.

As a result, the top of a VB module could look like this:

' ****************************************
' Module: EmailProcessor
' Purpose: Process Email
' Author: John Doe
' Last Modified By: Jane Smith
' *****************************************
Sub ProcessEmail
  ' process email here
  Call ProcessEmail()
End Sub

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OnekSoft Games/Labs Q&A with Microsoft Technical Evangelist Frank La Vigne

Earlier this week, I spoke to Frank La Vigne, a Microsoft Technical Evangelist, for his YouTube
channel: Frank’s World TV.

See the entire video here:

FWTV: Indie Games, Windows 8 and Ninja Cats:



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Win8/RT Facebook app developer Q & A

To celebrate Independence Day, we’re talking to an Independent developer who’s building an unofficial Facebook app for Windows 8/RT to counter Steve Ballmer’s announcement of an official Facebook app. Let the downloads begin!

Get Vibe!

Q: Hi Ritesh, welcome to! As I asked another developer in my first Q&A, do you wake up and code every morning?

A: I wish I could wake up before 10 AM. I am a night person. I like working at night until 2-3 AM. It has become a kind of habit for me to work until late night. Nighttime gives me more focus and no distractions.

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