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Presenting EF Migrations at BaltoMSDN


  • the presentation material and sample files are available on the Downloads page.

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Continuing my talks on Entity Framework Code First MigrationsI will be presenting at BaltoMSDN this week :

Oct23 baltoMSDN Logo

Baltimore Area Microsoft Developer User Group (BaltoMSDN)


Xbox One Indie Game Development – What We Know So Far

Feedback from ID@Xbox:

Chris Charla, Microsoft’s Director of ID@Xbox has this to say about my blog post: “That’s pretty good! Did you mention the free dev kits and the retail -> dev kit transition?”. In response to his feedback, I’ve updated the content, using quotes from Xbox News and Xbox Corporate VP Mark Whitten.

Updated Post:

Some of you may know that I am heading to Microsoft HQ in Redmond to attend the upcoming Xbox One Developer Summit, aka ID@Seattle. This is the first dev summit to welcome the new crop of developers who have signed up for ID@Xbox, the Xbox One’s Indie Developer Program.

I’ve signed an NDA for this event, and will not be revealing any confidential information during/after the event. So, I’ve put together the information below from everything that has already been announced in public.

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Storing and Retrieving Multiple Flags in an Integer

Many years ago, I taught myself game development from Andre LaMothe’s “Windows Game Programming For Dummies”. Back then, I was just learning about C/C++, Win32 and DirectX for making video games.

One of the interesting things I learned was about using bitwise operators to store multiple states in a single variable. This can still be useful in any C-derived language, such as C#. You can even use this technique in JavaScript!

Let’s say, your game character has a carry-on weapon bag with 8 available slots. Each slot can store 1 type of weapon.

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