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Introduction to Windows Azure – Microsoft’s Cloud Platform

I recently put together a quick presentation on Windows Azure, so I wanted to share it with everyone.

In the near future, I plan to do the following:

  • Publish a voiceover screencast and talk through the slides
  • Expand the presentation to include more detailed information
  • Speak at user group meetings and other venues on Windows Azure

Contact me via @shahedC on Twitter if you want me to speak at your event. Check out my Speaking page to see schedule and feedback from the community.

Presenting Indie Game Development for Windows, Web, Xbox and Mobile


  • the presentation material is available on the Downloads page.

Original Post:

I will be presenting on Indie Game Development at Philly NET Users Group on February 19, 2014, following Dave Voyles, a Technology Evangelist from Microsoft: 


Philly .NET Users Group


Q&A with Pedro Güida about the Asset Pipeline Editor

In this Q&A, let’s hear from multi-year MVP for DirectX/XNA, Pedro Daniel Güida Vázquez, who has an exciting new tool to talk about.

Q: Hi Pedro, can you tell us a little about your-self?

A: Hi Shahed, thanks for having me.

Well, I’m an Economist, a System Analyst and an indie software developer (mostly, game-related SW).

Creating games started as a hobby for me when I was really young. In fact, the very first game I wrote was a pac-man clone on a Sinclair Spectrum Plus (a really great machine for the time) with its basic language when I was 11 (long time ago); then I moved to other platforms (including the amazing Commodore Amiga) until I got my first PC. From there I mainly embraced Microsoft’s technologies and fell in love with C#: the reason why I first adopted Managed DX for my creations as a hobbyist to then switch to XNA.

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