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Microsoft Dev Camps in June 2015

Looking for free developers events to learn more about Microsoft Office and Azure Cloud Data?


Check out these Dev Camps at the Chevy Chase MD office! (DC Metro accessible)

DevCamp: Microsoft Office

DevCamp: Azure Cloud Data


Flying a Drone with Windows 10 and an Xbox Controller

WARNING: To avoid personal injury or damage to objects around you, I would suggest flying drones in outdoor open areas, preferably in an open field with little to no wind. It goes without saying that you should not fly drones in restricted areas, or record video/pictures of others without their consent.


I recently started playing around with an AR Drone 2.0 by Parrot. There is a companion app available on iOS, Android and Windows 8. But I really wanted to use my Xbox controller for better control, and also tweak the app to make improvements and add functionality.


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Tech for Startups @ Microsoft Store, Pentagon City Mall

I will be presenting Tech for Startups at the Microsoft Store in Pentagon City (Arlington VA) on May 6, 2015.

MS Store in Pentagon City Mall, Arlington VA

Enjoy lunch and learn the various technologies that you should be considering for your startup. Learn about Microsoft’s free offerings and how startups can use Microsoft’s products and services not only for Microsoft’s platforms, but also for Linux, iOS, Android, Oracle, PHP, Python, JavaScript, Java, etc.