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Deeper into Windows 10 Development

This presentation “Deeper into Windows 10 Development” was delivered at the Capital Area .NET Users Group meeting on Thu 7/23. This was a follow-up to a Windows 10 Overview from Brian Noyes (MVP/RD) in June.

The presentation material was adopted from the Microsoft Virtual Academy course on Windows 10 app development, hosted by Jerry Nixon and Andy Wigley.


What’s Next?


Build 2015:


ASP.NET and Unit Testing

This presentation “ASP.NET & Unit Testing” was delivered at my monthly meetup in Reston.


NOTE: For the section on Moq, I advised attendees that you should never mock an object in a test method when you’re testing that particular object in that method. The example shown in that section is to illustrate a simple example, and is not suitable for production code.



AthleTECH Summer 2015

Back in 2014, I was fortunate enough to teach a group of talented students for Microsoft’s AthleTECH program, thanks to founder Anthony Egbuniwe, a Technical Account Manager at Microsoft. We covered visual game development with Construct 2.

Now in Summer 2015, AthelTECH is back at Microsoft’s Chevy Chase MD office and we’re sprinting ahead with Unity game development with C# to build 3D games that can run on any platform.


The students used the following tools:

We got through my C# Crash Course, followed by my Rollerball tutorial, a step-by-step version of the Roll-a-ball tutorial from Unity technologies.

The goal of this program is to train the students to create their own unique game, and publish to the Windows Store and other online stores.

You can follow IDEA Games and AthleTECH on Facebook and Twitter: