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ASP.NET 5 Overview at CMAP, BaltoMSDN, Caparea

I’ll be talking about ASP.NET 5 at a number of user groups in September and October 2015, so please take a look at their respective websites for event information.

 Tue Sep 1 @ CMAP (Columbia, MD)

   Wed Oct 21 @ BaltoMSDN (near Baltimore, MD)

(RSVP Soon, details TBA)

  Tue Oct 27 @ Caparea (Tysons Corner, VA)

Hope to see many of you at one of the above venues! :-)

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ASP .NET 5 & Unit Testing

Learn how you can build more robust web applications with automated unit testing! While there are plenty of resources for learning ASP.NET web application development, many developers are missing out on the knowledge and experience of implementing proper Unit Tests. As ASP.NET 5 gets ready for prime time, it’s essential for all .NET developers to get an understanding of how to build Unit Tests for real-world applications in a cloud-first mobile-first world.

The following presentation material was put together for a live audience for my in-person presentations.

 Download Sample Project file

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Unity 5 First-Person Tutorial

New to Unity 5? Start with my “Rollerball” tutorial first:

Ready to build a 3D first-person game in Unity? The following presentation material was put together for a live audience for my in-person presentations, but you can also follow along online with the detailed screenshots and instructions.

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Credit: Weapon assets obtained from Unity Technologies.

UMD Kinect Q&A: an interview with Gregory Kramida at the University of Maryland

We’re here with Gregory Kramida to talk about his Kinect group projects at the University of Maryland.

Gregory Kramida at UMD

Gregory Kramida at UMD

1. Greg, tell us a little bit about yourself and your team.

I have received a BA in Graphic Design, and a BS and MS in Computer Science (CS) from the University of Maryland. Currently, I am a PhD student in CS at the same University. My team consists of four very talented young individuals and myself.

We currently have two other CS PhD students, one Physics Masters student, and one Computer Engineering undergraduate student. Neither one of us is fully finished with his educational goals, and some of us are still finidng our true calling, so we are forced to collaborate in an ad-hoc fashion.

Whenever any of us has the time and energy, they contribute. Hence, I am the only “permanent” member, and we are allways looking for like-minded, driven, and talented individuals.

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