Monthly Archives: November 2017

Microsoft Cognitive Services

Here is the presentation material for Microsoft Cognitive Services, presented at Microsoft Maniacs on Nov 16, 2017.





Intro to Bot Framework v3 with DB

Here is the presentation material for Bot Framework (v3) with DB, presented at NoVA SQL on Nov 6, 2017.





Xbox One Game Dev @ .NET Conf UY

I presented Azure Functions at .NET Conf UY on Fri October 27, 2017. Here is the presentation material with the slides, links and my contact information.

Xbox One

Download PPTX or view slideshow below


Create and publish your own games for Windows and Xbox One, using free development tools from Microsoft and our game development partners. Use Visual Studio, C# and .NET along with Unity to build 2D or 3D experiences for gamers, with support for keyboard, mouse, touch and controllers for all major platforms to maximize your reach with less effort. Also learn about Construct 3 for simpler 2D games or prototypes, with support for modern app stores, desktop and Xbox One.