Angry Zombie Ninja Cats – YouTube Video Review

Back in 2011, I published a platformer game on Xbox 360’s Indie Games channel. Angry Zombie Ninja Cats was built on top of the Platformer Starter Kit, and was put together over the course of 2 weeks. It also helped me assemble the XNA Basic Starter Kit and create the XBLIG Sales Data Analyzer in 2012.

Download Download here:

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I followed up with a couple of post-release updates to address user complaints. The updates included the following improvements:

  • vertical look: use the right stick to look up and down, to inspect your surroundings
  • on-screen help: touch the question marks to see helpful instructions
  • sparkling gems: special-power gems now sparkle, easier to find in darkness

There were also complaints about the floaty controls, and I did try to improve it by allowing playtesters to tweak the gravity/acceleration variables in real-time, so that they could report back on what worked best for them. But unfortunately, all of the playtesters told me that the controls were fine, so I never got a chance to include fine-tuned controls.

Fast forward to 2014, YouTube user Bryan Mayo (@stitchez781 on Twitter) has now published a new video review of Angry Zombie Ninja Cats! He seems pretty excited to play the game, which is always appreciated. :-)

Check out the video:


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