BizSpark Plus Offer Doubles to $120k Azure Cloud Credits

If you run a startup and haven’t heard of BizSpark yet, take a look at my BizSpark page for more info:

If you’ve been using BizSpark to get free Azure credits, you may heard of the BizSpark Plus program which has been giving out $60k of free Azure credits for a year’s worth of cloud goodness.


As of July 1, 2015, Microsoft will double that offer to $120k of free Azure credits!

Take a look at the following blog post from Steve “Guggs” Guggenheimer, Microsoft’s Chief Evangelist and Corporate VP of DX.

From Guggs’ blog, “… we are announcing an update to our BizSpark Plus program. Starting on July 1st, we will be offering $120,000/year of free Azure cloud services to qualified startups around the world.”

Good stuff!


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