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UMD Kinect Q&A: an interview with Gregory Kramida at the University of Maryland

We’re here with Gregory Kramida to talk about his Kinect group projects at the University of Maryland.

Gregory Kramida at UMD

Gregory Kramida at UMD

1. Greg, tell us a little bit about yourself and your team.

I have received a BA in Graphic Design, and a BS and MS in Computer Science (CS) from the University of Maryland. Currently, I am a PhD student in CS at the same University. My team consists of four very talented young individuals and myself.

We currently have two other CS PhD students, one Physics Masters student, and one Computer Engineering undergraduate student. Neither one of us is fully finished with his educational goals, and some of us are still finidng our true calling, so we are forced to collaborate in an ad-hoc fashion.

Whenever any of us has the time and energy, they contribute. Hence, I am the only “permanent” member, and we are allways looking for like-minded, driven, and talented individuals.

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Philly Code Camp 2015

Presentation Material for Philly Code Camp 2015

1. Capturing Your Audience with Kinect (featuring Speech Bubbles)

2. Azure Mobile Services (+ Universal Apps)



Capturing Your Audience with Kinect

On December 12, 2014, I presented “Capturing Your Audience with Kinect” at MoDev Con 2014.

You can find the presentation material below:


The session was recorded, and the video clip should be available soon!

Kinect Therapy at Children’s National Medical Center

During the summer of 2014, Children’s National Health System in DC invited me and my colleague Amanda Lange to tour their Sheikh Zayed Institute’s Pain Medicine Care Complex. They have been making good use of Microsoft’s Kinect sensor to aid in physical therapy for their young patients.

We were greeted by Chelsea Kling, a coordinator for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. The lobby was inviting with high ceilings and kid-friendly balloons of various colors.

At the Sheikh Zayed Institute’s Pain Medicine Care Complex, we were greeted by Christy Baxter (MSN, MHA, RN, CPN, BA) a Clinical Manager at the pain clinic. Christy gave us a quick overview of what they are currently doing at the clinic.

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Kinect v2 Speech Bubbles Enhanced

During Summer 2014, I had the chance to work on a Kinect v2 “Speech Bubbles” app, built upon a sample project from Kinect MVP Tom Kerkhove. In the initial version, I added a speech bubble gets displayed above a person’s head when the person walks into view.


However, this created a problem for multiple people. It was displaying the same text for every person who walked into view, up to 6 people. So, I decided to update the program to display a new random message every time a new person is detected.

I quickly discovered that this created yet another problem: all the displayed messages would get updated for everyone, even when only 1 new person entered the frame. Finally, I added an array of displayed messages (one for each detected body), so that everyone gets their own randomized text.

Now, it was ready to test in the wild… so I used it at HackUMBC, a hackathon event at the University of Maryland Baltimore College.

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