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FREE Cloud Workshops Oct-Nov 2017 @ Reston VA!

For those of you in the DC Metro area, check out these free workshops to be held at the Microsoft Reston VA office in October and November 2017.


Webinar alternatives:

In-person workshops:
• 10/17 – Blockchain:
• 10/18 – Analytics:
• 10/18 – Natural Computer Interactions:
• 10/19 – Artificial Intelligence:
• 11/14 – Blockchain:
• 11/14 – BOTs:
• 11/15 – Analytics:
• 11/15 – IOT:
• 11/16 – Natural Computer Interaction:

Azure: How-To Guide

Getting started with Azure? Check out the following resources for a quickstart!

Slides with Links to Resources:

Quick Video Guides:

NOTE: The Azure web portal UI changes often, so you may use the videos as a guide but be prepared for slight variations in the steps involved.


Azure links and resources:

Getting Started: 

Quick Start Guides:

BizSpark, MSDN Benefits, AzurePass:

Azure App Service (Web, Mobile, Logic, API):

Other APIs:

Data, Storage, Analytics

Media Services, Internet of Things