HackUMBC Kinect v2 Twitter Photo Contest!

Hi everyone at HackUMBC! 

We at Microsoft noticed the #HackUMBC Hashtag on Twitter needed more love. And some of you were asking about an additional prize or giveaway from us. So we came up with a scheme…

We have a Dell Venue Pro mini-tablet that we can give away here tomorrow at Hack UMBC. In order to win the tablet, you have to do the following…

1.Come by the Microsoft table in the sponsors area (where the food is)
2.Get your picture taken in our Kinect app “Speech Bubbles”
3.Ask us to email your photo to you! :-)
4.Finally, tweet your picture to @shahedC and @second_truth with the hashtag #HackUMBC to be considered for the prize!

The picture that gets the most retweets with the hashtag will win the prize!


Amanda Lange, Technical Evangelist @ Microsoft
Shahed Chowdhuri, Sr. Technical Evangelist @ Microsoft

Source: https://twitter.com/search?q=%23HackUMBC+%28filter%3Aimages%29


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