Microsoft’s Best App a Month Contest for April 2014

BAM! I’d like to introduce Microsoft’s Best App a Month Contest for April 2014, open to residents of the DC Metro area. Simply publish your Windows 8 app this month, and submit your entry by April 30, 2014. Make sure you select Windows 8 as the platform, to be considered for this contest.

Contest Entry Form:

Objective: The objective of this Contest is to showcase Windows 8 as a platform for developing cool and innovative apps and games.

Who Can Enter: Legal residents of the US and DC 18 years and older who attends at least one monthly in-person Microsoft app development session in an eligible location.

How to Enter: Publish an app during one of the Monthly Prize Periods Mar-Jun 2014 and submit your entry via the city-specific web site form. (This blog post is a notice for the April 2014 submission)

Once again, the contest entry form for DC is at:


2 thoughts on “Microsoft’s Best App a Month Contest for April 2014

  1. Andy

    When and where are these in-person Microsoft app development sessions in the DC metro area?

    Or do we not need to attend them to participate in the contest?

    1. Shahed C Post author

      Hey Andy,

      Thanks for your interest. I just joined Microsoft recently, and I’ll be setting up my first Meetup event in May. This contest will also run again in May and again in June.

      In the meantime, those who attended the recent hackathon event at Virginia Tech (VT Hacks) are eligible for the May contest. At the hackathon, I had delivered a presentation on Unity game development. Other eligible events include Microsoft-hosted events and 3rd-party events that included any sessions taught by Microsoft.

      Stay tuned for more info for upcoming events!



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