Ninja Cat Runner: Release 2

I had recently released Ninja Cat Runner on the Windows Store and for the Web, supported on any mobile/desktop platform.

DownloadDownload Ninja Cat Runner for free from the Windows Store!

WebPlay the web version on your smartphone, tablet or desktop browser!

This week, I have released an update that includes the following:

  • Bugfix for Quit/Restart buttons 
  • Keyboard support

Before the bugfix, you would be able to click/touch the top left area to quit or restart the game, even the buttons weren’t visible. Now you can only quit/restart when the game is paused or when the game has ended.

After keyboard support was added, you can now play the game entirely using your keyboard on Windows 8 (or on a desktop browser). Simply press Enter to start and Spacebar to jump in the game. The Esc and Enter keys allow you to pause/resume during gameplay.

TIP: If you’ve played the Web version before, you may have to clear your cache before your browser can get the new version.

Enjoy! :-)

Ninja Cat in action!

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