Node.js for .NET Developers with Kevin Griffin

Earlier this week, I attended CapArea (Capital Area .NET User’s Group) in northern Virginia. The topic was “Node for .NET Developers”, presented by Kevin Griffin.

Kevin Griffin

As you may know, Node js is a server-side JavaScript platform, based on Google’s V8 JavaScript Engine. If you’re familiar with JavaScript, you will feel right at home with Node.js on the server.

Kevin Griffin is a software developer from Chesapeake, VA, and is available for hire and in-person training. He also provides server monitoring through Winsitter.

Here are the topics we covered during the session:

  • JavaScript: Everyone’s favorite client-side scripting language, which has been available on the server for a while now. We learned about how to debug the server-side script and set breakpoints using Chrome’s Developer Tools.
  • Multiplatform: Node.js is available for many popular platforms, including Windows, MacOS, Linux and SunOS.
  • Require: Use the global require() method to load code modules in your code.
  • Npm: Node Packaged Modules (aka npm) is the official package manager for node.js, much like NuGet for .NET applications.
  • Express: ExpressJS is a web application framework for node.js, that makes it even easier to build web applications using node.
  • Module.exports: this allows you to expose objects and methods from your code modules
  • Underscore: Think of underscore.js as Linq for JavaScript. 
  • Lodash: Not happy with Underscore’s performance? Swap out Underscore for Lodash, a faster alternative.
  • Azure: Need a place to host your code? Check out Azure, Microsoft’s cloud service.
  • Cloud9: Need an IDE in the cloud? Cloud9 is an online IDE which has both a free offering and commercial subscriptions available.
  • JavaScript frameworks: We discussed other JavaScript frameworks briefly, such as AngularJS.

For more information on Node.js from Kevin, check out his posts on his blog:

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