OnekSoft Games/Labs Q&A with Microsoft Technical Evangelist Frank La Vigne

Earlier this week, I spoke to Frank La Vigne, a Microsoft Technical Evangelist, for his YouTube
channel: Frank’s World TV.

See the entire video here:

FWTV: Indie Games, Windows 8 and Ninja Cats:



Or, you can jump to a section by clicking on the links below:

* Intro by Frank La Vigne (@tableteer) @ 0:22

* Who are you and What do you do? @ 0:50

* What exactly are “Indie Games”? @ 1:30

* Sounds like a documentary I saw on Netflix @ 1:57

* What were your first thoughts on Construct2? @ 2:44

* You have written games for the XBOX? @ 3:49

* Isn’t “Ninja Cat [Runner]” the name of your Windows 8 game? @ 5:12

* I want to get in on the action. Is Construct2 free? @ 6:02

* Didn’t you also create an analytics package for game devs? @ 6:34

* Any advice for devs who want to get started writing games? @ 8:28

* Closing statements @ 8:46


Enjoy! :-)

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