Online Communities for Indie Game Developers

If you’ve followed me on Twitter via @shahedC or @OnekSoftGames, you may be aware of various online communities I’ve set up for indie game developers.

Whether you’re just starting out in game development or you’re a seasoned developer with multiple published titles, there are tools and technologies for everyone!

  Facebook groups:

To check out the indie scene, join one of the following groups on Facebook:

 More information on this blog:

  • Construct2: a user-friendly game development tool for Windows that outputs HTML5 games for virtually any platform.
  • Unity3D: a visual game design tool that allows scripting in C#, JavaScript or Boo, allowing you to publish games for modern consoles, smartphones and tablets.
  • Xbox One: Microsoft’s Xbox One console allows indie devs to develop for it, via the ID@Xbox program.
  • HoloLens: Microsoft’s mixed-reality headset, the world’s first untethered mixed reality device!
  • C++ and DirectX: the most widely programming language used by professionals (for game development), paired with Microsoft’s own DirectX, targeting Windows and Xbox One.

 To help you decide which one is right for you, check out my Intro to Game Development presentation in the Downloads section.


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