Shahed Chowdhuri – Microsoft Technical Evangelist

Starting this week (March 17, 2014 onwards), I will be working at Microsoft as a Technical Evangelist on the East Coast. My focus will be on both cloud services and game development. As I get settled into my new role, expect to see more information about my future appearances and presentations.

If you’ve been following me on Twitter via @shahedC or @OnekSoftGames, you already know that I have already been informally working with developers across the US and the World! :-)

To learn more about my background in indie games, the following blurb from the Official Xbox Magazine (March 2014, Page 65) sums it up: “Shahed Chowdhuri’s got a day job already, but in his spare time he crafts XBLIG games and tools for his fellow developers. With a math game and a pair of platformers under his belt, it’s his XBLIG Sales Data Analyzer and XNA Basic Starter Kit that has his peers championing him.” (PDF of magazine snippet)

Shahed Chowdhuri - Microsoft Technical Evangelist

So, what does this mean for the online communities that I run, for Construct2, Unity and Xbox One? I will continue to operate them with my co-admins, for our worldwide members. So, it’s just business as usual. I used to do it in my spare time, but now, it will be a part of my full-time job. So, I expect to continue my involvement in these groups! 😎