Tech for Startups

The goal of the Tech for Startups presentation is to introduce both tech and non-tech audience members to various technologies that they should be considering for their startup. I’ll also talk about Microsoft’s free offerings, and how startups can use Microsoft’s products/services for not only Microsoft’s platforms but also for our competitor’s platforms, tools and technologies (Linux, iOS, Android, Oracle, PHP, Python, JavaScript, Java, etc).”

The slides contain a few visuals to guide the direction of the two-way conversation with the audience. For startups building software/apps/games, I can also provide a free auto-approved BizSpark code for each event, so that in-person attendees can get free Microsoft products and free Azure credits for 3 years.

See my BizSpark page for more information on BizSpark qualification and signup instructions.

Get the “Tech for Startups” presentation material below: