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Web Application Security

Are you a student who loves tech? Apply for the Microsoft Student Partner program, here:

If you attended my presentation on Web Application Security, you may view/download the video and slides below.

NOTE: Is the audio too low? Please turn up the volume and/or use headphones for now, and I’ll re-upload the video with louder audio ASAP.

Video: https://channel9.msdn.com/Blogs/WebDevWithShahed/Web-App-Security


Download PPTXhttp://wakeupandcode.com/public_downloads/WebAppSecurity.pptx



Deploy Your Web Site or Web App on Azure

Are you building a web application? Learn how you can deploy it to Microsoft’s Azure cloud using Visual Studio, Git/GitHub or FTP!


Download PPTXhttp://wakeupandcode.com/public_downloads/azure-web-deploy.pptx




Cross-Platform Apps/Games with Azure

Here is the material for “Cross-Platform Apps/Games with Azure”, delivered at my Reston meetup group on Thu Nov 12, 2015.

Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/shahedC3000/crossplatform-appsgames-with-azure

Download PPTX: http://wakeupandcode.com/public_downloads/ms-AzureMobileAppsGames-ShahedChowdhuri-20151112.pptx

Azure portal links:

BizSpark, MSDN Benefits, AzurePass:

Azure App Service (Web, Mobile, Logic, API):



Capture the Cloud with Azure

Here is the material for “Capture the Cloud with Azure”, and Azure 101 presentation delivered at Microsoft Maniacs on Wed Nov 4, 2015.

Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/shahedC3000/capture-the-cloud-with-azure

Download PPTX: http://wakeupandcode.com/public_downloads/Capture-Azure-201511.pptx

Azure portal links:

BizSpark, MSDN Benefits, AzurePass:

Azure App Service (Web, Mobile, Logic, API):

Other APIs:

Data, Storage, Analytics

Media Services, Internet of Things