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Books and resources for making games with C++ and DirectX 11 for Windows (and Xbox One!)

NOTE: As of July 29, 2014, this blog post is no longer being maintained. Instead, you should go to the following top-level page which will be maintained periodically: 

New Page: http://wakeupandcode.com/cpp-directx/


If you’ve read my last post about Xbox One indie game development, you can guess that I’ve returned from ID@Seattle by now. I’m under NDA, so I cannot reveal any confidential information that was presented at the event.

However, as I’ve mentioned in the aforementioned blog post, developers have been encouraged to build games for Windows 8 using C++ and DirectX. So, where should one start?

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Xbox One Indie Game Development – What We Know So Far

Feedback from ID@Xbox:

Chris Charla, Microsoft’s Director of ID@Xbox has this to say about my blog post: “That’s pretty good! Did you mention the free dev kits and the retail -> dev kit transition?”. In response to his feedback, I’ve updated the content, using quotes from Xbox News and Xbox Corporate VP Mark Whitten.

Updated Post:

Some of you may know that I am heading to Microsoft HQ in Redmond to attend the upcoming Xbox One Developer Summit, aka ID@Seattle. This is the first dev summit to welcome the new crop of developers who have signed up for ID@Xbox, the Xbox One’s Indie Developer Program.

I’ve signed an NDA for this event, and will not be revealing any confidential information during/after the event. So, I’ve put together the information below from everything that has already been announced in public.

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TechEd 2013, Day 4: Scrum in Waterfall, DirectX and Tina Turner

On the 4th day of TechEd, there’s always a rush to get of lot of things done: expo promotions and booth visits, final sessions, special offers and the closing party. Fortunately, I had my day planned to attend a few sessions and to visit the booths which had special promotions. As for the special offer of TechEd, I had already picked up my Surface earlier in the week.

To start the day, I visited the almuni lounge in the morning, to get some blogging done. Unlike earlier in the week, when I was using the seating area outside the lounge, I had discovered that there was an actual private lounge beyond the doors. There were round tables with extension cords and power outlets. There as an endless supply of snack and drinks, served all day long.

Alumni Lounge

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