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ASP.NET Core Automated Testing

Here is the presentation material for ASP.NET Core Automated Testing, presented at the .NET DC user group on April 19, 2016. Also, check out the companion video on MSDN Channel 9!




ASP .NET 5 & Unit Testing

Learn how you can build more robust web applications with automated unit testing! While there are plenty of resources for learning ASP.NET web application development, many developers are missing out on the knowledge and experience of implementing proper Unit Tests. As ASP.NET 5 gets ready for prime time, it’s essential for all .NET developers to get an understanding of how to build Unit Tests for real-world applications in a cloud-first mobile-first world.

The following presentation material was put together for a live audience for my in-person presentations.

 Download Sample Project file

Download PPTX or view slideshow below

SlideShare: http://www.slideshare.net/shahedC3000/aspnet-5-unit-testing



ASP.NET and Unit Testing

This presentation “ASP.NET & Unit Testing” was delivered at my monthly meetup in Reston.


NOTE: For the section on Moq, I advised attendees that you should never mock an object in a test method when you’re testing that particular object in that method. The example shown in that section is to illustrate a simple example, and is not suitable for production code.