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Here is the presentation material for ASP.NET MVC + Web API, presented at Microsoft Maniacs on April 13, 2016. A companion video is coming soon!


PPTX: http://wakeupandcode.com/public_downloads/AspDotNetCore-Intro-MVC-WebAPI-ShahedChowdhuri.pptx

Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/shahedC3000/aspnet-core-mvc-web-api-with-overview


Deploy Your Web Site or Web App on Azure

Are you building a web application? Learn how you can deploy it to Microsoft’s Azure cloud using Visual Studio, Git/GitHub or FTP!


Download PPTXhttp://wakeupandcode.com/public_downloads/azure-web-deploy.pptx




Microsoft Connect 2015 Recap

Have you caught up with all the news from Microsoft’s Connect() 2015 online conference?


Read all the details here:

TL;DR below…

  • Visual Studio Code beta release, Added extensibility support, open source project
  • .NET Core 5 RC and ASP.NET 5 RC with Go-Live license, can start using it in production
  • Visual Studio Online is now Visual Studio Team Services, agile team collaboration and DevOps
  • Visual Studio Dev Essentials, priority forum support, Pluralsight, Wintellect,, Xamarin, (Azure early 2016)
  • Visual Studio cloud subscriptions
    • Monthly subscriptions include the VS Pro or Enterprise IDE, access to VSTS
    • Annual subscriptions includes technical support incidents, Azure credits, etc
  • Visual Studio Marketplace, central place to find, acquire, install extensions for all editions of Visual Studio
  • VS 2015 Update 1 and TFS 2015 Update 1, will both happen on November 30th.
  • Xamarin 4 support. end-to-end solution to build, test, monitor native mobile apps with VS2015 Update 1
  • iOS Build with MacinCloud on VSTS, currently in preview at $30/month per agent with no limits on build hours

Additional Announcements

There are also more than 70 on-demand videos with additional details on:

Enjoy! :)

ASP.NET 5 Overview at Philly Code Camp 2015.2

I presented ASP.NET 5 at Philly Code Camp 2015.2 on Saturday October 10, 2015. Here is the presentation material with the slides, links and my contact information.

Download PPTX or view slideshow below

SlideShare: http://www.slideshare.net/shahedC3000/aspnet-5-overview-post-rtm

Publish a Windows 10 Game with Unity 5


Unity recently announced support for Windows 10, starting with Unity 5.2. To help developers export their games and publish to the new Universal Windows Platform for Windows 10, I put together a quick tutorial.

1. Enable developer mode in Windows 10
2. Enter game details in Unity
3. Export to Windows 10 Universal format
4. Build Solution in VS2015 w/ Win10 SDK
5. Associate your app with Store App
6. Add required images, e.g. logo, icon, splash
7. Run WACK (Windows App Certification Kit)
8. Publish to Windows Store!

Slides & Video

 Download PPTX file:


 Video on Ch9:






Developer Feedback

Upon sharing this with the developer community, I got some useful feedback from indie dev Tarh Ik, so I have copied/pasted his words below:

Awesome manual!!! Everybody should see this video.
A couple of additional notes:
* Always make sure you are using the latest WACK. It has been rather… buggy ever since Windows 8 was released, and it could throw a false “Fail”
* Compile using the “Release” version. The “Debug” version always fails to install in other computers due to the absence of the “Debug” version of certain run-time libraries.
* There is no hurry to upload packages to the store. Create a package for “side-load”, and test in as many devices as you can before submitting to the store.
* Although the game asset’s logos and other store images can be “png” format, it is recommended to use “jpeg” instead, because “png” usually go beyond the size limit when working with the large store assets.
* You have 1 year after reserving your game name.

One very important advice:
* uncheck the “Internet (Client)” capability if the game does not need to connect to the internet.


* If your game needs to go on-line, not only the “Internet (Client)” capability needs to be checked, but also you need to have a web-site with your own “terms and conditions”, as the standard agreement in the Windows store does not cover on-line experience.

When in doubt, consult a Lawyer.

* Check the requirements for each country where the game is release. Depending on the country and the game’s contents, additional documents may be required (eg rating).
* Check tax declaration requirements too. When in doubt, consult a Tax expert.


Needless to say, I am not a lawyer, and cannot provide legal advice. Please consult a lawyer for any legal questions/concerns.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! :-)