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Deeper into Windows 10 Development

This presentation “Deeper into Windows 10 Development” was delivered at the Capital Area .NET Users Group meeting on Thu 7/23. This was a follow-up to a Windows 10 Overview from Brian Noyes (MVP/RD) in June.

The presentation material was adopted from the Microsoft Virtual Academy course on Windows 10 app development, hosted by Jerry Nixon and Andy Wigley.


What’s Next?


Build 2015:


Publish Your App/Game

On Feb 19, 2015, I delivered a presentation at my monthly Meetup titled “Publishing Your App/Game”.  The presentation is intended to show developers how to publish an app/game onto Microsoft platforms, including Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox.


Xbox One banner

You can download the presentation from the link below:


 Enjoy! :)

Windows Store apps for Fitness, Cooking and More!

Check out the following apps (and my short review for each), just recently released on the Windows Store!

Fit Brains Trainer: Download

Brain games for the whole family!

“I played Fit Brains with my niece and we had a lot of fun! Using the touch-screen was a nice bonus, because it allowed us to touch the correct answers quickly!”

Endless Reader: Download

Interesting game for young children

“Good interactive learning experience for young kids, helps with spelling words with individual letters.”

theCHIVE: Download

Useful app for CHIVE users

“Useful app for CHIVE users who were waiting for a Windows Store app!”

 How to Cook Everything: Download 

Easy as pie!

“Easy to read recipes and wonderfully drawn sketches!”

 Misfit: Download

Clean UI for new wearables

“A functional wearable is only as good as the software that supports it. The clean UI makes it easy to use with the Misfit Shine and Flash. Some users reported sync issues, so hopefully those issues will get resolved in a future update.”