Build 2016 – Xbox One Dev Mode & ID@Xbox Guide

Do you dream about publishing your own games on a major game console?


Get caught up with the latest Xbox news from Build 2016 and hear about the different ways you can publish your very own game on Windows 10 and Xbox One. Use your own Xbox One console for development or apply for a dev kit via ID@Xbox. Harness the power of DirectX 12 and use a variety of tools to build your own games! 

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5 thoughts on “Build 2016 – Xbox One Dev Mode & ID@Xbox Guide

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    1. Shahed C Post author

      Hi Matthew, I haven’t seen any announcements around making XBLIG automatically available on Xbox One. The MonoGame team has been able to successfully run MonoGame on Xbox One, so XNA/XBLIG developers could possibly bring their games to Xbox One with UWP with MonoGame. To ask the community, check out the Facebook groups MonoGame Indie Devs and Xbox One Indie Devs.

  2. Jibreel Hussain

    Would it be possible to build utilities for games by other vendors? For instance, to build an app to analyze stats for a league in Nba 2k17? I.e. who the leading scorer is, etc.

    1. Shahed C Post author

      Not that I know of. I am not aware of any public APIs available to hook into AAA games such as NBA 2k17.


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