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TechEd 2013, Day 1: Keynote, Surface and Reception

The highlight of opening day is usually the keynote. And the highlight of the TechEd keynote was the Aston Martin. From the snazzy video clip of the fast and furious sports car, to the stage entrance of Brad Anderson in said vehicle, the exotic did not disappoint.

Brand Anderson exiting the Aston Martin

But enough about cars. What are we here for, again? Oh yeah, Microsoft TechEd.

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Entity Framework Code First Migrations


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Original Post:

I recently spoke at NoVA Code Camp (at Microsoft’s Reston VA office) about Entity Framework Code First Migrations. This talk was about the Data Layer of an enterprise web application, part of a larger presentation about Lean Enterprise Architecture. It was followed by presentations on the Domain Layer and Presentation Layer, given by my colleagues Sahil Talwar and Doguhan Uluca.

So what the heck is (are?) Code First Migrations? Read on to find out!

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“All Your Database Are Belong To Us!”

My first technical post in this blog involves a solution that my team and I implemented at work recently. The project is a .NET Web project in Visual Studio 2012.

The Problem:

Each developer on the team has a personal copy of the database for a web application. How will you store each connection string for each developer, without revealing your login information to others?

A Path to a Solution:

(A) Each developer could place their connection string in the Web.config file, without checking in their file. This is not a good choice, because they will eventually need to make other changes to the Web.config file and would have to remember to revert the connection string before each check-in. If they accidentally check in the file with their connection string, they would be sharing it with everyone.

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