Construct 2 Flapping Bird Improvements

In my previous Construct 2 tutorials, we covered a top-down shooter and a flappy bird clone, derived from tutorials.

In the following presentation, you’ll learn how to make simple improvements to Flapping Bird.

  • High score, with WebStorage (HTML5 local storage)
  • Functions
  • Sound effects


So, what do you do after you’re done with your flappy bird clone?

  1. Update the graphics and behavior to make a unique version of the game!
  2. Check out my export+publishing guide:
  3. Download my version of the game, Gallant Glider!


3 thoughts on “Construct 2 Flapping Bird Improvements

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  2. TROY

    HELLO. This is for Flappy Bird. I have my own version of the game but I plan to publish to Playstore and Appstore. However, how do you keep high score on the players smartphones instead of on the web?? Thank you.

    1. Shahed C Post author

      Construct 2 uses HTML5 Local Storage for saving data, so the high-score will always be local if you use the WebStorage object. If you publish on a website, the high score is stored by the user’s browser. If you publish to the Play Store or App Store, it should save the high score in local storage as well. I haven’t published to Apple/Google’s Stores yet, but I’ve published to Windows Store and Windows Phone Store, where the stores are always local to the user’s device.


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