Hour of Code @ Reston VA

On December 9, 2015, I had the opportunity to teach an Hour of Code session at South Lakes High School in Reston VA. Mr. Selwyn Lawrence was gracious enough to invite me to a classroom of students, ranging from Grades 9 through 12.

Hour of Code

Mr. Selwyn Lawrence on the left, with his students. I am seated in the middle.

We started with a mid-sized classroom of about 25 students, and also got some help from a colleague of Mr. Lawrence. The vice principal even stopped by to check on our class!


We followed the Star Wars tutorial from code.org:

Source: code.org

Source: code.org

Students were given the option to start with a beginner tutorial involving visually dragging and dropping blocks to learn programming concepts. An intermediate tutorial was also suggested, with the option of dragging JavaScript blocks or writing JavaScript code. Finally, some advanced material was suggested for more adventurous students to try at home, namely my Rollerball tutorial in Unity 5.

Thanks to Mr. Lawrence and South Lakes High School for making this happen, and I look forward to doing more in 2016!

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