Study Guides for MCSD 70-480 Programming HTML5/JS/CSS3

I recently took and passed the Microsoft exam MCSD 70-480 “Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3”.



However, this exam is relatively new as of early 2013, and the official book wasn’t out yet when I first published this blog post. It is now available for purchase, as of Spring 2013.

To prepare for the exam, you may refer to the following online resources:

For the 70-480 exam, I followed the syllabus on their main site:
(click Skills Measured)

To expand upon each line item, I followed the links on this forum:
(see top posts by Robert Kaucher, follow each link)

Here’s a similar study guide:
(Click the Show/Hide link for each section)

The book “HTML5 Up and Running” by Mark Pilgrim is actually available in website-form at:

The W3Schools website has tutorials for HTML5, CSS, JS, jQuery:





Also, check out the jQuery website for their tutorials:

Best of luck!

2 thoughts on “Study Guides for MCSD 70-480 Programming HTML5/JS/CSS3

  1. Asma

    I am having 1+ years of experience in development. Will this exam useful for me or shall i go for some other certification like 70-483(Programming in C#)

    1. Shahed C Post author

      Hi Asma,

      You should consider both certifications as they cover different aspects of web/software development. This exam on HTML/CSS/JavaScript can be useful for any job that requires web development, regardless of the back-end technology.

      The exam you mentioned (C#) can be useful for developing Windows applications, Web applications and even video games.

      Best of luck!


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